Special Needs Church for EVERYONE

Worship for ALL People-     

We will start our Special Needs Ministry 2018!! 

 We specialize in families with special needs.  Our Special Needs families can come and worship together. No one will ever be turned away. Our Special Needs friends will be referred to as our  “Eagles”. They are strong and mighty, and God has given them specific skills to help accomplish His Kingdom.  Our goal is to help them understand who God is, and that they were created for His purpose, and  masterpieces  in His image.

   Our Eagles will have the opportunity each Sunday evening to transition from one fun activity room to the next before worship. These rooms include:  Light Room, Sensory Room,Craft Room, Music Room, and more. After our Eagles have enjoyed transitioning to the rooms of their choice, they will join their family for worship..

   Each Eagle will be paired up with a Dove. A Dove is a volunteer who has been trained and has had a background check. Doves are known as peacemakers and are calm in all situations. A Dove will walk from room to room getting to know their Eagle and teach them about God.


Servants Offering Ascension Respite

In 2018 we will begin Respite Care!